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Spotlight: Lisa Wisely

Lisa Wisely-Founder

The company and all its efforts are directed by Lisa Wisely.

Lisa's background is in business management, merchandising, promotion, online marketing and social networking. These skills were instrumental during her eight years at Blue Man Group where she served as a Marketing Director who ran the Merchandising, Design and Online departments for the worldwide live entertainment company. Lisa has worked as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Situation Interactive, one of the most well respected digital agencies in the live event space which includes companies in the tourism, amusement, sports, television and live theatrical industries.

Blue Spark Creative Services works with small and creative companies overseeing every aspect of business and marketing including, but not limited to, website design and development, graphic design, merchandise development, media planning and communications outreach.

When not working, Lisa loves spending time with friend, her eight rescue pets and following dancing polar bears wherever they may lead her.

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