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Spotlight: Torkil Stavdal

Creative Director-Torkil Stavdal

Torkil Stavdal is the founder of Torkil Stavdal Photography, a New York City and Catskills based creative studio specializing in all aspects of visual storytelling.  Torkil started his career in Europe, working with a number of talented photographers including Knut Bry, Massimo Leardini, and Johan Wildhagen. Since relocating from his native Norway to the United States in 2008, he has been behind one camera or another, contributing to commercials for brands like BMW, Volkswagen, and Apple, capturing the perfect moments for The New York Times, Elle, and Dwell, or shooting the action on narrative dramas for Netflix, Lionsgate and Marvel, to name a few.


Whether working on his own or in partnership with Blue Spark Creative Services or Bovina Media Works, a production company he co-founded in 2016, Stavdal is always game for an adventure. In between shoots, he can often be found riding through the mountains on a motorcycle, or playing with his Rottweiler pup, Maya.  
Photo: Joe DeSalvo

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